Current Students (Alphabetical Order)

Some Notes for Prospective Students

Due to a large volume of emails that I receive I am not able to respond to all the emails by prospective students. However, if you do want to come to the University of Oklahoma and work as a graduate student in the School of Computer Science, first and foremost you need to apply to become a student here!

Seeking PhD Students

I am always interested in motivated PhD students! Having said that, PhD takes time, dedication, and effort (both from the student, as well as from the advisor). Hence, I think that a very good way so that we can both understand if we are a good match for each other, is for you to first enroll in one of the two following classes that I offer: Computational Learning Theory or Machine Learning . Through these classes you can have a better understanding of the work that I do and see if you like working in a similar direction. Similarly, by taking one of these classes you will give me the opportunity to have a better understanding of your background, your interests, your approach to solving problems, etc.